We help kids cultivate strength, compassion, and confidence through our easily accessible, developmental, and engaging virtual fitness. 

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about coach danibee

Danielle is your kids' hype woman, children’s fitness coach, gymnastics consultant, & an educational speaker.

She has an extensive background and experience in psychology, children's education, and gymnastics which she intertwines inside of her work at DaniBee's!

your kids’ hype woman

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danibee's vision

Our vision is to have virtual lessons that are a welcoming, safe outlet where all kids can join to exercise, feel confident, feel strong, and have fun. We truly want all kids to be able to easily access the developmental benefits our services can offer.

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what we offer

private 1:1 or private small group fitness lessons for kids 3+

virtual live fitness classes for kids at home ages 3-6 and 6+

virtual live fitness classes for preschools + private schools

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our class descriptions

This 30 minute class works on fitness exercises with gymnastics basics. Strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, body control, shaping and endurance are all emphasized which will help kids progress in any sport. Games are used to increase engagement, team collaboration, hard work and of course - fun! 

BumbleBees Fitness CLASSES (Ages 6 & Up)

This 25 minute class is wildly fun, educational, magical, creative and developmentally appropriate. Each class incorporates learning into fitness by using pictures, maps, letters, numbers, etc. Stories are used as a way to develop social-emotional skills, story sequencing, step by step processing and comprehension. All while working overall fitness, important fine and gross motor skills and developing a love for challenges. 


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Live: M, W @ 10am and T, TH @ 3pm (PT)

Live: M, W @ 4:30pm and T, TH @ 3:30pm (PT)

Claire really enjoys your class and I can see her progress! Thank you for always being an awesome coach!


what our clients say

Thanks again for making gymnastics so engaging for Lucy while she was at home. We will continue to take your classes online!


He was beaming after class it was so great! I could tell he felt proud that he did something from start to finish.


Inside of our virtual classes and private lessons, we promise to create a safe, positive, and team-playing environment for kids to learn, grow, exercise, and have fun.

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