We are the only virtual fitness program that collectively uses their expertise in psychology, education, and gymnastics to provide young kids with developmental exercises that focus on growing their hearts, bodies, and minds.

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We tie all 3 of these elements to provide your children with a top notch and engaging experience during our fitness classes.

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Your Kids’ Hype Woman, Children’s Fitness Coach, Gymnastics Consultant,
& Educational Speaker.


Danielle is the owner and primary coach of DaniBee's Fitness.

She grew up as a highly competitive gymnast and was fortunate to be trained by Olympic level coaches. Since the beginning of her coaching career in 2002, she has taught thousands of kids of all ages and abilities, both competitively and recreationally. After receiving her BA in Psychology in 2008, she became a preschool teacher where she learned developmentally appropriate practices and the best ways to positively educate youth. 

In 2015, she proudly became a female entrepreneur by putting all of her expertise into one program and building a mobile gymnastics company to deliver a one of a kind program to as many kids as possible at schools. In a few years, she was fully booked- teaching up to 600 kids a week!

She is also a gymnastics coaching consultant, helping gyms build their preschool and recreational programs as well as train staff. She loves speaking at Regional and National Conferences about many topics, but the one closest to her heart is the importance of teaching a growth mindset through fitness.

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Chloe has a certificate in Early Childhood Education from Rasmussen University. She loves dancing because it is a stress release and never fails to make her and her students happy! She joined the DaniBee's team to bring happiness, health and positivity to kids through 'Dance Around the World' classes. 

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We absolutely love what we do because of the positive difference our program makes in kids' lives. Giving our students a love for learning, a desire for challenges and a positive, growth mindset are the best gifts we can give them that will make them the best they can be- in anything they do! And.. working out with kids for a living is just FUN!

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We provide classes that are focused on growing our hearts, bodies, and minds, together.

We create a safe, positive, and team-playing environment for kids to release energy & have fun.

Our work is targeted to motivate kids to feel strong, capable, and good about themselves.

We implement developmental strategies to help kids exercise, have fun, AND learn at the same time!

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We promise to create a safe, positive, 
and team-playing environment for kids to learn, grow, exercise, and have fun.

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