At the beehive, we welcome your kids to join us right from home! Our virtual fitness classes were created for kids to have the ability to easily access developmental and engaging fitness multiple times per week!

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We offer classes separately for kids from 3 - 6 years old and 6 and up to ensure that your kids are getting the best developmental and fitness classes that fit their level!

kids aged 3-6


kids aged 6+


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You want your kids to feel more motivated.

You want your kids to be active and moving at home and release their energy in a positive way.

You want your kids to gain confidence, perseverance, and feel positive of their physical capabilities.

You want your kids to have productive activities to do at home and keep them busy.


Imagine if your kids were excited to move their bodies and get stronger instead of playing video games and sitting in front of the tv. 

Imagine if you had an all inclusive fitness platform for your kids that introduces them to various activities at home before spending lots of money on an activity they don’t enjoy. 

Imagine if you had 1 activity that helped your children develop healthy, physical, and mental habits that last a lifetime.

We are the only virtual fitness platform that combines psychology, learning, and fitness all together to focus on the full development of a child. Your child will not only develop stronger physical abilities but a love for learning, continual growth and confidence that will radiate through other areas of life.


We are unique because we don’t just focus on physical fitness - we focus on the mind and heart too.

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what our clients say

Thanks Coach DaniBee!!! Your class is wonderful!! They really enjoy the variety and the way you deliver the class! Each class works on something different and can be tailored to different abilities, yet always exciting!!! It is the one class that they look forward to and the one class that puts smiles on their faces! Thank you for keeping them happily active especially during this time and for being such a positive influence! We are so glad that your classes are now available live virtually!!


She is the greatest gymnastics teacher in the world! She makes everything exciting and is very thoughtful and intentional with everything she does. Would recommend her to anyone and my kids absolutely adore her! Her virtual classes are awesome and engaging - she really makes it fun! We love her!



Check out what it looks like to work with us! We promise to create a safe, positive, and team-playing environment for kids to learn, grow, exercise, and have fun.

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unlimited access to ALL live fitness classes:
oneyBees (3-6) : M, W @ 10am; T, Th @3pm (PT)
BumbleBees (6+) : M, W @ 4pm; T, Th @3:30pm (PT)
Dance Around the World (All ages): Sat@10am (PT)
monthly fitness worksheets
on demand workout videos
completion certificates
workout coloring sheets
family focus prompts
monthly 1 minute fitness routines


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DaniBee's truly wants the benefits of our classes to be accessible to all kids. Please apply for our discounted membership for low income families HERE.

$50 monthly

1 live fitness class of your choice.
Choose our honeybees (3-6), bumblebees (6+), or around the world class (all ages).