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ages 3-6 year olds

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This 25 minute class is wildly fun, educational, magical, creative and developmentally appropriate. Each class incorporates learning into fitness by using pictures, maps, letters, numbers, etc. Stories are used as a way to develop social-emotional skills, story sequencing, step by step processing and comprehension. All while working overall fitness, important fine and gross motor skills and developing a love for challenges. 

HoneyBees Fitness Team (Ages 3-6 year olds)

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This 30 minute class works on fitness exercises with gymnastics basics. Strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, body control, shaping and endurance are all emphasized which will help kids progress in any sport. Games are used to increase engagement, team collaboration, hard work and of course - fun! 

BumbleBees Fitness Team (Ages 6 & Up)

All ages welcome! You too, parents! This is a repeated 12 week program year round! Each class focuses on a specific part of the world. Kids learn about the culture of that area and then learn 5 basic dance steps to an 8 count and put them together to learn mini dance routines. Join us as we explore Hula from Hawaii, Bollywood from India, Salsa from Latin America and so much more! 

Dance Around the World!
(all ages)

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