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Growth Mindset Phrase for April:
"Constructive criticism helps me become even better than I already am!"

Spark up a conversation with your child about constructive criticism. What is it?

Positive corrections that help us improve and grow.

Negative correction example: "Your back leg is ugly and bent!"

Positive correction example: "Try to push your back leg even straighter next time."

Practice giving each other positive corrections and practice saying "Thank you for helping me get better!"

Some kids (and adults! :) have a hard time receiving constructive criticism as they see it as an attack on who they are as a person. Ex: "My coach says I need to work on my core strength... I am not a strong person."

A growth mindset outlook welcomes and receives constructive criticism with the belief that growth is attainable. Ex: "My coach says I need to work on my core strength... I am going to work on it so I become even stronger and better!" 

The best way to help kids grow their growth mindset is through conversations.

Ask about a time when someone helped them get even better with constructive criticism. Share their response and Coach DaniBee will write it on a receiving rainbow and put it up on the DaniBee's wall! 

Receiving Rainbows