We welcome your students to join us right from their class at your private school or preschool! Our virtual fitness enrichment or after school classes were created for kids to have the ability to easily access developmental and engaging fitness multiple times per week!

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We offer virtual fitness for both ENRICHMENT or for AFTER SCHOOL CLASSES so your student can receive the best developmental and fitness classes out there!


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You want an enrichment program with an educator knowledgeable in developmentally appropriate practice.

You want your students to have a growth mindset and develop skills necessary to persevere through challenges.

You want to give your school an extra edge over other schools.

You want parents to rave about the enrichment and after school programs provided by your school.

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Imagine if you found an instructor that is an early childhood education expert and incorporates this knowledge into an engaging, fun fitness program.

Imagine finding a safe, high quality fitness program that gives your students more than just healthy fitness habits, but a love for learning and embracing challenges.

Imagine giving your parents another reason to rave about how outstanding your school is by providing their children with the best program available that will set you apart from competing schools.

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We are the only virtual fitness platform that combines psychology, learning, and fitness all together to focus on the full development of a child. Your child will not only develop stronger physical abilities but a love for learning, continual growth and confidence that will radiate through other areas of life.


We are unique because we don’t just focus on physical fitness - we focus on the mind and heart too.

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Check out what it looks like to work with us! We promise to create a safe, positive, and team-playing environment for kids to learn, grow, exercise, and have fun.

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Are you ready for your students to be motivated to move their bodies, ask for challenges in school and feel confident, capable and competent?

DaniBee's can help with that!


-Two classes per week for a month
-Choose between M/W or T/Th classes
-Offering September, October and November packages.




-Two classes per week for a month
-Choose between M/W or T/Th classes
-Offering September, October and November packages.


Don't want unlimited month to month? Grab a class pack for your students for one month and see how much they love it!


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