If you have been waiting to give your child an extra edge in their physical abilities, the wait is over!

DaniBee's offers virtual private fitness lessons for kids that want more individual attention and personalized fitness workouts with an emphasis in gymnastics training. We also offer private small group lessons for friends to join!

Virtual private lessons

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does this sound like you?

You feel like your kid isn’t getting enough 1:1 attention.

You want to give your kid an extra boost of confidence with personalized workout plans.

Your kid misses seeing their friends and would love to practice with them virtually.

Your kid need at home workouts for their free time and days off. 

You know your kid would benefit from gymnastics training.

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picture this

Imagine if your child could work on the exercises they personally need to become more confident in their physical abilities?

Imagine if you and your child’s friends could create their own fitness team and get stronger all together?

Imagine if your athletic child could excel even further in any sport they do with a strong gymnastics based foundation?

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what's included

Expert teaching with an emphasis on correct technique from a professionally trained gymnastics coach

Personalized monthly workout worksheets for kids, designed just for them- teaching them that in order to achieve set goals, one must continue to practice on their own time too!

Completion certificate and their name up on the “Superstar” wall at the end of each month.

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DaniBee’s one of a kind coaching technique uses gymnastics exercises to train kids to have a positive, growth mindset in which they embrace challenges and develop a love for continual learning. 


Your child will not only gain physical strength but an even more valuable skill - CONFIDENCE!

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what our clients say

Thanks so much Coach Dani! She totally looks forward to her lessons with you!

Thanks for giving her something special to enjoy, especially during this crazy pandemic!


lets work together 1:1!

Through our private 1:1 lessons, your kid will get individual attention and personalized fitness workouts with an emphasis in gymnastics training.

$50 per session
+$10 per additional child/friend

private lessons

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What’s the number one ability you want your child to have? If it’s CONFIDENCE - you’ve come to the right place!